Try and impress Shania.

Made on the A23.

With thanks to:

Quixoticduck, who had the original idea

Irny, Becklespinax and Conkerjo for the encouragement 

Geocities for the inspiration.


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I am literally, IRL, laughing out loud at 1:30am with a bottle of Strawberries and Cream Baileys replaying this game over and over.

I'm so glad this exists. I'm so glad you exist. You just made my shitty week that much less garbo. Take care out there, don't stop making things!

Oh! what a lovely comment. Thanks so much! <3

Is there a way to "win"? XD

um this game is everything. consider yourself followed

Thank you so much! 

omg i love this x'D


Thanks for playing my stupid game! :D